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Today, April 18, 2024, the Mayor of Outapi Town, Her Worship Cllr. Selma Asino, accompanied by her Deputy, Cllr. Matheus Endjala, and the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Mateus Ananias, paid a visit to Ms. Selma Shikufinde, one of our residents living with disabilities, in Outapi, Nakayale.

Recently, Ms. Shikufinde, facing the challenges of being wheelchair-bound, reached out to the Council, earnestly seeking assistance with her electricity connection payment, as well as water and sewer connections at her residence. Recognizing the significance of her circumstances, the Council undertook a thorough assessment of her needs and swiftly recognized it as a vital primacy.

In a commendable display of solidarity and empathy, the Council promptly assumed responsibility to alleviate Ms. Shikufinde’s burden by generously contributing to her electricity connection fees and ensuring the provision of essential water and sewer connection services. This proactive response not only addresses Ms. Shikufinde’s immediate concerns, but also exemplifies the Council’s unwavering dedication to improving the lives of our community’s most vulnerable members.

At its core, this initiative underscores the Council’s steadfast commitment to social responsibility and compassionate governance. By diligently attending to the needs of individuals like Ms. Shikufinde, we not only enhance her quality of life but also reaffirm our pledge to serve as guardians of dignity and compassion in our beloved community.

Together, let us continue to foster a culture of kindness and support, ensuring that no member of our community is left behind!!🙏🏻🙏🏻

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