Business Licences

Certain businesses need a licence to operate. Before opening any business find out what the requirements are. You may not begin trading in a business that requires a licence before the licences has been issued. Trading without a valid licence is punishable by law. The sale of liqueur is governed by the (Liquor act of 1998, act 6 of 1998).

Businesses that need a license

If you are running any of the following businesses, you will need to apply for a license.

  • Food provisionYou need a license to sell or supply meals, take-away or perishable foodstuff.(Restaurants)
  • Health and entertainment facilities
    • You need a license for:
      • Massage or infra-red treatments
  • Three or more slot machines and electronic games;
  • Nightclubs and Bars or shebeen, where live or loud music is played;
  • Cinemas and theatres;
  • Hawkers

If you are a hawker selling food and meals, which you take from place to place or sell from a vehicle, you need to have a permit from the Town Council.

To Run a Business in Outapi

You will need to apply for a license from Environmental Health Department.

In addition, you will need to pay a once-off application fee. Once the documentation is completed, the application will be forwarded to different divisions to check that the town requirements are met:

  • Environmental health
  • Noise and air pollution control
  • Public safety
  • Urban planning
  • Building control

An inspection is carried out at the premises by the departments concerned. Only when all departments have returned favorable reports and recommend approval the trade license will be issued. Liquor Licences is obtainable from the Ministry of Justice, at Court.

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