Sewage (or domestic wastewater or municipal wastewater) is a type of wastewater that is produced by a community of people. It is characterised by volume or rate of flow, physical condition, chemical and toxic constituents, and its bacteriologic status (which organisms it contains and in what quantities). It consists mostly of greywater (from sinks, tubs, showers, dishwashers, and clothes washers), blackwater (the water used to flush toilets, combined with the human waste that it flushes away); soaps and detergents; and toilet paper

Discharging Sewage in Public

This is a serious offence, once caught it carry a fine of N$ 2000.00 for the first offenders and N$ 4000.00 for the repeaters

Sewage water pose high risk to public as it contain numerous viral and bacterial that has potential of causing diseases such as cholera, dysentery, typhoid and other diarrhoeal diseases

Business people that are having contracts of emptying septic tanks are allowed upon registration to empty sewage water in the municipal sewage pods

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