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THE Outapi Town Council officially handed over a stormwater channel construction project in the central business district (CBD) on Friday. This is part of the council’s aims to address longstanding flooding challenges in the CBD.

Chief Executive Officer Mateus Ananias said that they recognized the town’s rapid growth and the persistent issue of flooding in low-lying areas, hence the council has embarked on the construction of a stormwater channel along the Outapi-Tsandi Main road.

Ananias indicated that this project will improve the town’s landscape. He underscored the council’s commitment to tackling flooding issues and emphasized that the construction of the stormwater channel is a crucial step towards mitigating flood risks in the CBD.

“The takeoff of the stormwater channel construction project represents a significant milestone in Outapi’s efforts to enhance infrastructure resilience, ensure a safer, more sustainable urban environment, and create an enabling environment for the residents of the town, as per its mandate,” he said.

While acknowledging the financial constraints that have delayed the implementation of a comprehensive stormwater master plan, Ananias assured stakeholders that progress will be made incrementally.

He then expressed gratitude to residents, stakeholders, and investors for their ongoing support and partnership in advancing the town’s development agenda.

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