Ombalantu Baobab Tree

Omukwa waaMbaanhu

The Ombalantu baobab tree, known also as a Tree of Life or Omukwa waaMbalantu, is a giant baobab tree of the species Adansonia digitata, situated in Outapi in the north of Namibia on the Main Road 123 from Tsandi. It is 28 metres (92 ft) tall, 26.5 metres (87 ft) in circumference, and estimated to be 800 years old.[1]

The tree trunk has a door going into it and can accommodate about 35 people. It has served as a chapel, post office, house, and a hiding site during various stages of Namibian history. Today the tree is a tourist attraction, known under the name “Ombalantu Baobab Tree Heritage Site”.

Information displays in front of the tree’s entrance give a short overview of the tree’s diverse history, its role in the Owambo community and the struggle for independence from South Africa in North Central Namibia.

The renovated ‘Koffeehuys’ (coffee shop), built and used by the South Africans during colonial times, is now in use as a kiosk with craft shop. The craft shop offers a wide range of wire products, from replicas of the baobab tree to wire giraffes, but also traditional Owambo baskets and clay pots.

In the shadow of the baobab tree, you will find the ideal spot for a picnic at any time of the day. The kiosk offers barbeque grills for rent and wood for sale to have your own private ‘braai’ under the tree!

For those who like to relax after a well prepared meal, they have the opportunity to pitch their tent at one of the four private camping sites, each having its own ‘braai’ place, water tap and shared ablution facilities.

Located in Outapi town, opposite the town council, behind the open market, adjacent to the former South African military base. Outapi is situated in between Oshakati and Ruacana on the C46.

How to get there
From Oshakati:
take the C46 main road to Ruacana. Outapi is a 90km drive over tar road from Oshakati. Turn left into town, turn left again circa 1km from the junction. The tree is located behind the open market.

From Ruacana:
take the C46 main road to Oshakati. Outapi is circa 100km from Ruacana. Turn right into town, turn left circa 1km from the junction. The tree is located behind the open market.

From Tsandi:
take the D3612 gravel road towards Outapi. Follow the tar road into town (1km before you reach the junction with the C46), the tree is located behind the traditional authority and open market complex.

Ombalantu Baobab Tree
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Outapi War Museum is located underground in the former operational South African Regime Amy Base situated in Outapi. Previously known as the “Ohatopi” base. Then typical of the many smaller SADF posts along the Namibian border with Angola. The base was built in 1975 and became home to thousands of South African conscripts stationed on the border during the Bush war also known as the War of Liberation which lasted from 1966 until 1989, a total of 23 years, making it one of Africa’s longest conflicts.

The base was attacked on numerous occasions by PLAN, the armed wing of SWAPO. The base was finally abandoned by the SADF in 1989 upon the implementation of resolution 435. The base stood empty and vandalized for many years. Many of the structures destroyed in time and with commercial development of the land. Taking into consideration the fact that most of the former South African Regime Amy structures demolished, therefore Outapi War Museum developed an interest of the society to keep the said structure for historical purposes, as a result the museum become very unique in our country.

Outapi War Museum

The Museum is a multi functional whereby the Tourisms and Historical Information are the major activities. The newly structure designed to cater for, A conference hall, internet cafe, Bed and breakfast (accommodation), refreshment area with a restaurant, a gymnasium with a swimming pool, War Material display Section, the idea is to display such artefacts, badges, posters, photographs, personal and news, we plan to lend kasspirs, artillery, anti aircraft guns and weapons used


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