Housing & Property

The pace of urban expansion in Namibia like in many other developing countries represents a major and permanent demographic shift in the population from rural to the city dwellers. Outapi Town’s growth in urban residents is taking place at a fast rate, understandably accompanied by development.

The topography of the Outapi area is characterized by an extremely flat area with a massive baobab, palm and marula trees. Outapi was declared as a town in 1997 and was proclaimed in 1998 as a capital and administrative centre of Omusati region. Even before independence in 1990, it has been a growing center with a secondary school, two private schools, a hospital, few numbers of shops and a couple of cuccashops.

Outapi Town Council became autonomous in 2002. It is located on the main road of Oshakati/Ruacana (C46) with another road connecting Outapi-Tsandi and Okahao respectively, thus has become the commercial and administrative hub for the whole region. Outapi has a population of 6600 inhabitants according to the 2011 population and housing census which was carried out by the National Planning Commission (NPC).