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Outapi is the Capital and Administrative Center of Omusati Region and which is the third largest region in Namibia. The population of Outapi, as per 2011 population and housing census stands at 6 600, while for the whole region stands at 242 900. As the above demographic information suggests, Outapi town serves the whole region in the sense that it is where the entire population from all villages in the Omusati region sources most of their goods (be it household or industrial goods). Hospitals and schools are the major attraction of the formal workforce, supplemented by a number of Ministries and Departments that got established in the town through decentralization

All these, form a collective source of buying/purchasing power for Outapi town. Besides, residents of the region, and in turn, the Outapi town, thrive from a mainstay culture of ‘capital transfer’ from family members who work elsewhere in Namibia and abroad. This is an open secret behind a mysterious-constant buying/purchasing power for the region and for the Outapi town in particular. This (buying/purchasing power in the Outapi town) find expression in the mushrooming of commercial banks in this magnetic-fast growing town. In this regard, there are cases of one bank operating more than three ATMs in this single town. Moreover, Agriculture is the common activity among the regional inhabitants. 

Although it is mainly for self-sufficiency’s sake, by its nature it requires constant supply of implements and a variety of supportive goods. This is also evident in a number of shopping centers that endlessly establish themselves and flourish in the same town.

In addition, Outapi town should be applauded for its affordable prices of land and properties, modern communication and financial services, equal treatment for foreign and local investors. Moreover, the town is strategically located, and can be easily and equally reached from Windhoek via Kamanjab-Omakange Road and Otjiwarongo- Tsumeb Road. It is also the Gateway to the famous tourist-attraction Ruacana Waterfalls, which is just 80km away. It goes without mentioning that the proximity of Outapi town to the southern Angola renders it to be one of the few Namibia’s strategic town, from business point of view. This is another source of its ”perpetual” buying/purchasing power. Yet, the authorities of this fast-growing town keep on inviting potential investors to come exploiting endless-untapped opportunities across industries and/or sectors, including infrastructures and services. Special